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 Businesses ~ Organizations ~ Municipal Entities ~ Web Developers ~ Resellers 

True VIRTUAL HOSTING.  We host your web site, with "your" domain name. Your multiple E-Mail addresses are at "your" domain name. (incoming and outgoing e-mail will bear "your" domain name.)

You  have FTP (24 x 7) (upload/download) access.  If you choose to maintain your own Web site. Otherwise we offer an array of Web Site development and maintenance services.

NO BANNERS ~ No Pop-ups. We do not flood the header and footer of "your" web pages with commercial banners that cannot be closed, annoying pop-up advertisements that keep coming back, or hidden scripts (programming code) that willfully and repeatedly redirect your customers to web sites of mass marketers, etc. Your Web space is dedicated for your intended purposes.

We offer many packages with a variety of options. Please refer to the Hosting Packages chart for details of the features and prices. However if you require a more customized solution, or need assistance in choosing the best suited plan for your needs, please contact us by e-mail at info@duraserver.net or fill out "Customer Contact Form" and we will be pleased to guide you through the process.

Our Server Equipment is located in a secure facility with redundant power supply and high speed, high-bandwidth fiber optic connections to a major branch of the Internet backbone which translates to a problem free experience for the person viewing your Web site.

Server maintenance, and upgrading are done on a continuing basis behind the scene, for seamless interface between your Web site and your customer's browsers. 

Redundant  "Domain Name Servers" where the backup name servers are physically located in an alternate location so that a DNS resolution (the routing  of data traffic to the proper web site address in a quick manner) is optimized regardless of varying internet traffic patterns in either physical location. This might be compared to having two separate interstate highway interchanges that are near your home. You can choose to enter or exit the highway at either interchange dependent upon traffic conditions.

Web Site Development and Maintenance Services available as you desire.
Help-Desk and Technical Support Programs available to suit your needs.

We include the usage of  User-Friendly "Control Panel" Software for any hosting customer who desires to have control over their Web space, upload, rearrange files and directories, change passwords, delete & create E-Mail boxes, password-protect areas of their Web space, view graphic statistics about their Web site traffic, and much more.  

  CLICK HERE for expanded views of CONTROL PANEL.

 Web Developers ~ Resellers 

We offer a great sales plan for Web Developers to provide hosting services to your own customers, under your own business name ! (Private Label)
We will not call your  customers, we will not steal your customers !
E-Mail: resellers@duraserver.net
We will also custom tailor Re-Seller plans for sales-minded individuals 
who are not Web Developers !  Please inquire.
E-Mail: resellers@duraserver.net
For Developers and Resellers, we include the usage of "Web Host Manager"
Server-Based, Browser-Accessed account management software which gives you complete control over creating, modifying, & deleting your subordinate accounts. Each account you create gets its own Control Panel. You name the accounts, set their limits, monitor their activities and service their needs. You sell them services and collect the profits. "You" are DuraServer's Customer,  and "they" are "your" customers. We will not contact them. We will not steal them !

  CLICK HERE for expanded views of Web Host Manager.

DURASERVER  Resellers are set up to have
 "Web Host Manager" and also  "Control Panel" as described above.  In fact, as a Reseller, or Web Developer, you will set up "Control Panel" for for your customers' accounts.

With the power and flexibility of "Control Panel" and "Web Host Manager" you can not get any closer to having complete control and variety of features unless you had a dedicated server on your own premises!

As a Reseller or Web Developer, DURASERVER does not deal with your customers.  
They can not call us, because they do not know we exist, unless you tell them ! Your customers only know "you" as their hosting provider and Web specialist. We can not say it enough. They are "your" customers and "you" are our customer! You probably offer a very high level of support to your customers and assist them in working through difficult situations. We also offer an extremely high level of support and personal attention to "our" customers in working out solutions to challenging situations.

Please refer to the Web Host Manager page for additional information about the Web Host Manager software and more details of how the Reseller or Web Developer's accounts are structured.
Quick Links: Hosting Packages & Prices Control Panel Features Web Host Manager Features

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