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Wide Area Networking (WAN) & Telco Acronyms
ADM Add/Drop Multiplexer
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network
API Application Programming Interface
APS Automatic Protection Switching
ASAP Automatic System Alarming and Performance
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
BB-DCS Broadband Digital Cross-connect System
BER Bit-Error Rate
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BLSR Bi-directional Line-Switched Ring
BML Business Management Layer
BSTS Broadband Series Test System
CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAP Competitive Access Provider
CBR Constant Bit Rate
CDR Call Detail Record
CLAS Centrex Line Assignment Service
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol
CMISE Common Management Information Service Element
CO Central Office
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CoS Class of Service
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CR-LDP Constraint-based Routing Label Distribution Protocol
CRLSP Constraint-based Routed Label-Switched Path
CRM Customer Relationship Management
DCC Data Communications Channel
DCF Dispersion-Compensating Fiber
DCN Data Communications Network
DCS Digital Cross-connect System
DDS Digital Data System
DFB Distributed Feedback
DiffServ Differentiated Services
DLC Digital Loop Carrier
DLCI Data Link Circuit Identifier
DMT Discrete Multi-Tone
DPT Distributed Packet Technology
DS0 Digital Signal Level 0
DS1 Digital Signal Level 1
DSF Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DTAU Digital Test Access Unit
DTM Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode
DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
EC European Commission
EDFA Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
EF&I Engineering, Furnishing, and Installation
EM Element Manager
EML Element Management Layer
EMS Element Management System
EPS Earnings Per Share
ESF Extended Super Frame
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
EU European Union
FA Fairness Algorithm
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCS Frame Check Sum
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDL Facility Data Link
FEC Forward Equivalence Class
FEC Forward Error Correction
FFP Fast Facility Protection
FR Frame Relay
FSN Full-Service Node
FTTC Fiber To The Curb
FTTH Fiber To The Home
FWM Four Wave Mixing
GDMO Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects
GUI Graphical User Interface
HDLC High-level Data Link Control
HDSL High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line
HDTV High Definition Television
HFC Hybrid Fiber/Coax
IAP Integrated Access Platform
ICP Integrated Communications Provider
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol
IKE Internet Key Exchange
ILEC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
IMA Inverse Multiplexing for ATM
INMS Integrated Network Management System
IntServ Integrated Services
IOP Interoperability
IP Internet Protocol
IPCS IP-over-channelized SONET
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International Standards Organization
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISV Independent Software Vendors
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IXC Interexchange Carrier
LAN Local Area Network
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDC Long-Distance Carrier
LDP Label Distribution Protocol
LEC Local Exchange Carrier
LIB Label Information Base
LMDS Local Multipoint Distribution System
LNP Local Number Portability
LSR Label Switch Router
LTE Line Terminating Equipment
M&A Mergers and Acquisitions
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MAPOS Multiple Access Protocol over SONET
MDU Multidwelling Unit
MIB Management Information Block
MJU Multipoint Junction Unit
MML Man Machine Language
MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching
MPOA Multiprotocol Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode
MSO Multiple System Operator
MSOH Multiplexer Section Overhead
MSP Multiplex Section Protection
MS-SPRings Multiplex Section-Shared Protection Rings
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTTR Mean Time to Repair
NB-DCS Narrowband Digital Cross-connect System
NDSF Non-Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
NE Network Element
NEBS Network Equipment Building Standards
NFOEC National Fiber-optic Engineers- Conference
NIC Network Interface Card
NLO New Licensed Operator
NM Network Management
NMA Network Maintenance and Analysis
NMF Network Management Forum
NML Network Management Layer
NMS Network Management System
NOC Network Operation Center
NPAC Number Portability Administration Center
NRZ Non-Return to Zero
NTU Network Termination Unit
NZ-DSF Non-Zero Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
OA Optical Amplifier
OADM Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
OAM&P Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning
OC Optical Carrier
OCH Optical Channel
OCS Optical Cross-connect System
O/E Optical-to-Electrical
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFC Optical Fiber Conference
OLO Other Licensed Operator
OMG Object Management Group
OMS Optical Multiplexer Section
OMSP Optical Multiplexer Shared Protection
OSC Optical Service Channel
OSI Open System Interface
OSMINE Operations Systems Integration and Modification of Network Elements
OSP Outside Plant
OSPF Open Shortest Path First
OSS Operations Support System
OVTG Optical Virtual Tributary Group
OXC Optical Cross-Connect
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PCS Personal Communications Service
PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PHY Physical Layer (of the OSI model)
PIC Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier
PIM Protocol Independent Multicasting
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PM Performance Management
PMD Polarization-Mode Dispersion
PNNI Private Network-to-Network Interface
POP Point of Presence
POS Packet Over SONET
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
PRI Primary Rate Interface
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PTT Post, Telephone, and Telegraph
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
QoS Quality of Service
RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
RHK Ryan Hankin Kent, Inc
RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol
RZ Return to Zero
SBS Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
SCP Service Control Point
SDCC SONET Data Communication Channel
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDL Simple Data Link
SDM Space Division Multiplexing
SDSL Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
SIF SONET Interoperability Forum
SLA Service Level Agreement
SMDS Switched Multi-megabit Data Services
SMF Single-Mode Fiber
SML Service Management Layer
SNA Systems Network Architecture
SNCP Sub-Network Connection Protection
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SOHO Small Office/Home Office
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SPE Synchronous Payload Envelope
SPM Self Phase Modulation
SRS Stimulated Raman Scattering
STM Synchronous Transfer Mode
STS Synchronous Transfer Signal
SVC Switched Virtual Circuit
TARP Target Identifiers Address Resolution Protocol
TBOS Telemetry Byte-Oriented Serial
TDD Time Division Duplexing
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TELRIC Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost
TL Transaction Language
TMN Telephony Management Network
TOH Transport Overhead
TSI Time Slot Interchange
TTL Time to Live
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate
UNE Unbundled Network Element
UNI User-to-Network Interface
UPSR Unidirectional Path-Switched Ring
UR Unidirectional Ring
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VC Virtual Channel
VCI Virtual Connection Identifier
VCX Virtual Channel Cross-connect
VoFR Voice over Frame Relay
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
VP Virtual Path
VPI Virtual Path Identifier
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPX Virtual Path Switch
VT Virtual Tributary
WADM Wavelength Add/Drop Multiplexer
WAN Wide Area Network
WB-DCS Wideband Digital Cross-connect System
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing
WSP Wireless Service Providers
XML Extensible Markup Language
Z-DSF Zero-Dispersion-Shifted Fiber

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